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Corporate Message

Introduction of HNMPL CEO

Mr. Hasan Mansha, CEO Hyundai nishat motor (private) limited, has been propelling the industry forward with his emphasis and energies positioned on innovation. He has continuously been striving to bring change and exceptionality to different industries of Pakistan. His ideology is reflected in his several successful ventures in the automotive, power, textile, construction and aviation sector.

Endeavoring to learn from the best, Mr. Hasan Mansha is excited to have the support of Korean and Japanese partners in the pursuit to offering exciting Hyundai products in Pakistan, having access to the latest technologies in the automotive field and creating high skilled jobs in Pakistan.

Mr. Hassan Ali Khan

Chairman & CEO

“Hyundai Central is not just delighted to be a part of the vibrant automobile landscape in Lahore but also prides its strong affinity with Hyundai, a brand that values innovation and sustainability and finally and importantly HNMPL a group that is extremely dynamic and future looking. We endeavor to provide exceptional services to our customers and wish to become a comfortable and reliable partner on your journeys. We pledge to gain your trust by not just raising the standard of your lifestyle but caring for you and your car needs. ”

Management Philosophy

Hyundai Motor's management philosophy is to help create a new automotive future through innovative thinking and the continuous challenge to the status quo. By following this credo, we will become a highly-respected dealership that is renowned for its contributions to the well-being of people in our region.


Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond Hyundai Motor recognizes the importance and impact that automobiles have on society and mankind. We strive to play our part by adopting a role that extends beyond being simply selling and servicing cars to become our customers partners. In addition, we are committed to making Lahore a better and healthier place for everyone.